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'Well done is better than well said.'
Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to Snap Badger.co.uk

We supply expert resources to provide IT & Domain orientated Business Analysis. We have worked with leading organisations in the UK and understand that a large measure of trust is required in order to deliver projects, on time and within budget.

In over 10 years of experience with some of the UK 's most prestigious organisations, we have become experts in 'stepping outside to look in'. We are not married to any particular technology, theory or methodology. We bring with us both business and technological experience and are open to learning from one another.

Snap Badger are the diplomats and the translators bringing ideas together and ensuring communication of the requirements. We are in one of the best positions to actively participate in the creation of new and exciting cutting edge solutions to the business and IT challenges of today.

If we sound capable, then you're right. That's why we've worked with clients like the Department for Communities and Local Government, Sheffield Insulation Group, Birmingham City Council, Connecting for Health, NHS Information Centre, NHS Information Authority, Salford PCT & Foundation Trust and Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd

Snap Badger's Services Include:

Enterprise & Company Analysis
Requirements Planning & Management
Requirements Elicitation & Analysis
Solution Assessment & Validation
Business Case Development

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